Single Door / Single Door Angelo

Single Door

Product Size: 960X2050X70mm

  • Size
            960X2050X70mm (Rs. 15,500/-Only Exclusive of GST.)
            1050X2050X70mm (Rs. 16,500/-Only Exclusive of GST.)

  • Accessories:
    • Lock
    • Handle (front &back side)
    • safety chain
    • Eye viewer
    • Non-Key night latch
  • Thickness of shutter: 45 mm ( +7mm)
  • Frame Size: 110 mm in width and 1.25 mm ( +0.25mm) thick
  • Shutter Specification:
    • Outer panel & inner panel of 1 mm ( +0.2mm) thick each with honey combing structure of craft paper between two panels.
    • The outer and inner panels are powder coated (approx. 60 microns +10 micron) with heat transfer film on top to have wood grain finish.
  • Locks: Advance multi point locking system with 6 Dimple keys.

Price: 15500/- +GST